We’ve just released gibeCOWpls, our 4th mobile game. We hope you have fun trying to get this cow fly through those popsicle obstacles, it certainly isn’t easy though. Challenge your friends in this amazing skill game with a psychedelic mood. Fly your cow through as many popsicle barriers as possible and compare your performance with […]

Splash Arena


We are proud to announce the release of our newest game, Splash Arena, available for iOS and Android devices. Splash Arena is a new take on the old bubble shooting formula. Now you can challenge your friends and see who’s the baddest, meanest and fastest shooter around. You can play it in groups of 2 […]

Space Draw


We’ve just released our newest game for iOS and Android: Space Draw. Space Draw is a fun game set in space. It all happens very fast: you’re in space, you’re an astronaut and, oops, you’re falling. You control the astronaut movement by drawing on the screen. Just remember to avoid aliens and reach for the […]



We’ve released our first game, check it out: Welcome to a logic oriented game. This is not for the zombie shooters. In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored blocks that need to be carefully positioned in order to fill color gaps. Try it on iTunes (iOS) Try it […]